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Nerja, Costa del sol, Spain

Nerja is a coastal town located in the eastern most part of the province of Málaga, in the region of Andalusia. This place has many wonderful and unique sites and is famous for its sandy beaches and cliffside coves.

The third most visited monument in all of Spain is located in this town of around 22,000. This is of course the Nerja Caves, which was discovered in 1959. This is at present an official historical and artistic location. It is millions of years old and has massive chambers, some of the largest on earth. In fact concerts and ballets are held there each year. Skeletons and artefacts show that pre-historic people lived there. There are wall paintings in the caves estimated to be 20,000 years old.

From the caves we head down to the beach, all 13 kilometres of it. There are many types of beaches to choose from. You can stumble on quiet beaches, and you can find a beaches with all the trappings of present living; most notably the world famous and multi-awarded Burriana beach.

The town itself is a unique site having been occupied by conquering Romans who left behind a still standing marvellous aqueduct, and not to be outdone, by victorious Arabs; whose influence is seen in the design of the 17th Century El Salvador Church.

Hundreds of years later this location was the site of yet another conflict when a fort area in town was pulverized by British warships in 1812 during the Peninsula War. In this place currently stands the Bálcon de Europa (Balcony of Europe). You can have a commanding view of the Mediterranean Sea when you visit.

These sites have made Nerja a magnet for tourist and with the boom in tourism came the hotels. You can find hotels along the seashore and inside the town itself. Of course there are the hostels, and the splendid villas. All the trappings of modern living you will find in this scenic town.

Yet Nerja still has one more unique site to offer – that is a camping site. There are always those who wish to get away from the usual comfort of modern living and rough it up a bit. While in the south this small town is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the north it is a series of mountains that help mark out its boundary. This northern area is the faultless setting for a camping site which Nerja has taken full advantage of.

In the slopes of the Alimajara Mountains is a site called Nerja Camping. From this vantage point it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It is not very far (no more than around 4 to 5 kilometres) to the north of the town. What is an added bonus for this place is that it is only 1 kilometre away from the popular Nerja Caves. The place has 51 sites and does have electricity. There are also bungalows situated at the camp site if that suits your needs better. The main vehicle gate closes from 12 midnight to 8 in the morning. Loud noise is not tolerated; a great situation for those who want to be closer to nature.

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